I’m almost done with my app. Programming wise, that is. I still need to make 40+ levels. Seeing as I can make 5-10 levels a day, that shouldn’t be hard. Expect a January or February release date.

I will also port Platformy to iOS.


I’m looking for games to put on the arcade. Any ideas?

Haven’t posted in forever…

…forever being a month and 5 days, that is.

School’s started. Hopefully I will be getting some work in on my apps while still doing all my homework.

I’m thinking of writing a little program that lets you type in your homework assignments in school and be notified when you get home to do them. I’d probably release it, but you would need to use your own servers.

iOS 6 (beta 3) review

So I recently got my hands on iOS 6 beta 3.


I don’t like it.

Perhaps it’s just because I don’t have an iPhone (there are many iOS 6 features that are only available on iPhone) that I think the update is a bit small. But I’m pretty sure it doesn’t merit a whole new version number, maybe just iOS 5.2.

Anyways, here are some pics.

Home screen with passbook and maps icons visible

Passbook home page

Now it shows installation progress on the search screen in the app store

After installing an app you can open it right from the app store













More to come later…

Back from boy scout camp!

Just got back from boy scout camp yesterday. Had a great time and came up with the storyline for my new game while there.

long time, no post!

Well I haven’t posted in a while. Probably due to the fact I’ve been in Seattle for a week. (It was cool there, you should go.)

Anyways, I’ve been learning a new programming language (well its actually a stylesheet language according to stackoverflow, but I’m pretty sure most of you think of it as a programming language) called CSS, which lets me make nicer looking webpages easier. So currently I’m working on a website for MajorROM Games™. (that’s the official name for my game company)

Last day of school

Today is my last day of school. So excited! Now I’ll have more time to work on my game (slaving 3-6 hrs a day, I should have it done pretty soon)

Here’s what I want to do over the summer:

  • Finish my current game
  • Finish my third game
  • Port platformy and my other games to iOS
  • Reinstall visual basic
  • Try to write a blog post every week

So yeah, summertime.

New Theme

I added a new theme!

Suddenly, this website looks nicer.

Web development and music…

Recently I have really become interested in Apple products. One of these products is iTunes. I’ve had it for a few months and just bought an album, Lapse in Time (google it, it’s awesome.) After I bought Lapse in Time, I made a timelapse in Terraria with my sister.

Now this leads into web development.

So I have this (fairly epic) timelapse sitting on my hard drive. I want to upload it to the internet but not on YouTube. “Why?” You might ask. The answer is that I don’t want it to be viewed a ton, but I still want to show it to my friends. The answer to this is to host it on my own website. This is tricky though. Last time I uploaded a video to my website it took ~12 hours to get it on and playing. Then it was only able to be viewed on some browers (hint: google HTML5.) But now I use a blogging tool called wordpress, so I can upload it easily. And above all, I barely have to do any coding. This is cool in my opinion because when I started coding (at age 7) there was nothing like this. But I fear that in a few generations everybody will have their own website, but only a few will actually know how to code one.

TL:DR: The album Lapse in Time is awesome, and people are becoming more lazy.