Web development and music…

Recently I have really become interested in Apple products. One of these products is iTunes. I’ve had it for a few months and just bought an album, Lapse in Time (google it, it’s awesome.) After I bought Lapse in Time, I made a timelapse in Terraria with my sister.

Now this leads into web development.

So I have this (fairly epic) timelapse sitting on my hard drive. I want to upload it to the internet but not on YouTube. “Why?” You might ask. The answer is that I don’t want it to be viewed a ton, but I still want to show it to my friends. The answer to this is to host it on my own website. This is tricky though. Last time I uploaded a video to my website it took ~12 hours to get it on and playing. Then it was only able to be viewed on some browers (hint: google HTML5.) But now I use a blogging tool called wordpress, so I can upload it easily. And above all, I barely have to do any coding. This is cool in my opinion because when I started coding (at age 7) there was nothing like this. But I fear that in a few generations everybody will have their own website, but only a few will actually know how to code one.

TL:DR: The album Lapse in Time is awesome, and people are becoming more lazy.