New Update

Platformy just got updated. It should be live within a few minutes of posting this.

In other words- I am starting development on an iOS app.

Going well.

So far I have earned 14 cents on my game in ad revenue. I have a little more than 200 plays.

Just lost some money.

I uploaded a version of my game without ads.  It got a bunch of plays so now I lost some money. Oh well.

Anyways, the next game I make will be a lot cooler, and the controls will be optimized for the iPod/iPhone/iPad. No promises, but I might make it for those platforms.


My game is published! You can play it on the arcade.

Also, I’ve made 1 cent so far from it (from the ads)


I just uploaded my first Flash game I ever finished to Mochi. Hopefully they approve it so I can start getting money from ads. Wish me luck!

Screenshot (just a little teaser)

Hello world!

Hello world. I am a person. In case you didn’t notice.