App Club at School

At my school I am starting an app development club. We have 4 Macbook Pros and are starting soon. Pretty excited.

GravCube Update

I’m thinking about doing a GravCube update. What I hope to include:

  • In-App Purchases (Coins)
  • Freeplay Levels
  • some iPod 4′s crash. Will fix
  • More gamecenter
  • a few bugfixes (if you know a bug, put it in the comments)

GravCube is almost done

I am on the last stretch. A few more levels, some bugfixing and polishing, and solving the iPod 4 crash is all I have left.

I am trying to release it by the end of the school year but I will release it during the summer if I have to.

GravCube progress report

Well, I am almost done with GravCube campaign mode. I hope to do a lot of work today and finish it off.

This means I will have to only do freeplay levels, and, seeing as I’m on break, I can finish those by next Sunday.

In other words, GravCube is very close to being done. Expect a late April or early May release.

aaannnnndddd pause!

I really should be working on GravCube. That’s what I am going to do this morning, at least.

Here’s a sneak peak of some art:


Creating a game in 48? hours

I came down with the flu and will be out of school for at least tomorrow. I decided I will create a game. It will be called Gunlight and will put you in an arena and you see how long you survive. I’m starting today and will be blogging regularly about it.

My app, GravCube

Currently I am working on a game for iOS (at least for now) called GravCube. In GravCube, you are controlling testing on a stone box embedded with a alien designed “brain chip”. The objective is to get the GravCube to the end of the level by changing the gravity, meaning that you can fall up, left, right, or, of course, down. While trying to finish the level, you will have to avoid obstacles such as spikes, bullets, and homing missiles. The game will contain at least 80 levels and will also have an epic storyline.

I have actually been working on this app quite a long time (almost a year) and recently have been working on it a lot. I hope to submit to Apple in March, which means I will be developing every day. Keep checking this blog for updates and other goodies.

Adding some cool stuff

Right now I’m working on a new homepage for It won’t redirect here anymore but will have cool impress.js stuff along with fallback for old computers. So far it is looking awesome.